About Us

Our Story

Back and in 2003, Island Foods opened and its major objective was to provide general foods to the locals in around Eau Claire Market, located in Downtown Calgary Alberta,  through out the years we have grown and expanded.  Our store provides an extensive amount of hot sauces, spices and condiments from various parts of the world.  We have quite a few products that are develop small batch and local suppliers across Canada, however we feature local products produced within Calgary and Area.  Island Foods is going through a transformation as we speak.  On a weekly basis we are bringing in new and interesting products that you wont find a typical grocery store.  We are a small Brick and Motor store but we operate as if we are a fine food store.  Come down to Eau Claire Market or Browse IslandFoodsYYC.com for your shopping needs.  Our team is here to support you.  If we do not have the product, we will do our best to source the product for you.  Please contact us at IslandFoodsYYC@gmail.com to inquire about our product or if you wish show case your product at our store.  

Our Principals:

  • We buy only products that you wont find a typical grocery store, we try to stay away of national brands wherever possible

  • We are here to support small batch and local suppliers, we feel that it is important to support the local economy and allow them to thrive in the local market place

  • We buy small quantities but ensure that variety is being covered

  • We do not charge our suppliers fees for putting an item on the shelf.

  • We keep our costs competitive as pass on the savings to consumers

  • We support one local charity by providing gift baskets, one basket is provided once a month.

  • Our objective is to provide customers with unique and interesting products.