Support Local and Small Batch

Here at Island Foods we are here to support local suppliers, small batch producers local manufacturers and start up suppliers. As we are a small brick and motar shop we are here to support small brick and motor suppliers and organizations that support the "YYC" brand,  here are some of the small small Suppliers that we have. 

- Hatari Brothers:  Sauces and Spices

- Township 27:  Spices, Dressings and condiments 

- Fruit Freak:  Spices 

- Mob Honey: Honey 

- Margarete Sauces:  Hot Sauces 

- Blue Door Oil and Vinegars: Oil and Vinegars

We are always look at small suppliers to join or amazing supply chain.  Together we can enhance our food supply chain an offer our customers with some amazing local products.  Please contact  Ashif Samnani,