A Spice Affair - Chilli Lime Rimmer and Seasoning

0.12 kg

This rimmer is our best way to make fun and yummy drinks all year long!

Made with all-natural ingredients, it will bring out the flavor of your margaritas, martinis, bloody mary and other specialty drinks and cocktails with its beautiful combination of acidity, salty, hot and sweet. If you're into tequila shots, this will become your new best friend!

Cheers to Chili Lime and happy days!

Ps. Our Chili Lime Rimmer is so versatile that you can sprinkle it on your favourite foods too! Try it on your fruits, vegetables, salads and even as a rub for fish, seafood & chicken wings. Thank us later!

Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt (45%), red pepper, tomato, sumac, citric acid, lime oil.