A Spice Affair - Everything Bacon Vegan Seasoning

0.13 kg

We made the impossible possible. We created a natural and vegan seasoning that tastes like real bacon. And we don't want to brag, we just want to share the news with you! 

Use this blend to sprinkle on your eggs, pimp your potatoes, turn your grilled cheese into a mouthwatering experience or simply make the best popcorn ever. Add generously to any recipe where you usually use real bacon to intensify the flavour and turn it vegan/vegetarian. We dare you to try it on literally EVERYTHING, it is intended to be consumed irresponsibly. 

When you order, you get the best of both worlds! At A Spice Affair, we believe that you can eat clean and delicious foods without compromising on health.

PS. You wouldn't even know it was vegan if we didn't tell you. 


natural bacon flavour (yeast extracts), vegetable powder, sunflower oil, tomato, paprika, sea salt (12%), garlic, natural smoke flavour, onion.