A Spice Affair - Zaatar Extra Jordanian

0.1 kg

Probably the only spice you could eat all by itself in a teaspoon-full because yes, it is that good!

Our signature Jordanian Zaatar has a way of hitting all five flavour points on the tongue, so it goes great on a lot of things! Sprinkle it on labneh, hummus, and yogurt; make a salad dressing or use as pita bread spread with olive oil. Sprinkle on eggs or your favourite cheese (especially if melted!).

Traditionally, Zaatar is consumed by soaking/dipping the inner part of small pieces of pita bread into extra virgin olive oil, which is then dipped into a bowl/plate full of Zaatar. This allows for the spice blend to stick to the bread and transforms this plain pita into a divine, scrumptious bite of YUM!

Pro tip: It also tastes amazing on roast chicken. 


Ingredients: thyme, roasted sesame, sumac, spices, salt, roasted wheat.