Belizean Season All

0.283 kg

Belizean Season All is a delicious blend of annatto, vinegar, onion, garlic and spices that can season anything from beef stews to pork, chicken and seafood.  Anatto is a red spice that Belize natives often use in their cooking, so if you truly want to bring home the taste of Belize, you’ll want to try Marie Sharp’s Belizean Season All.

When you’re in Belize, Annatto is a red spice that Belizeans often use in their cooking.  It is the basis for the red colour in the blocks of recado you see in the shops and stands all over Belize.  This is not a powder or a cake, this is a liquid seasoning that you can squeeze into your marinades or stews.

You can replace achiote paste with this sauce.  You cannot make Stew Chicken without it.  Marie Sharp’s Season All will give you a beautiful color to your dish and a tasty gravy.

Bring your meals alive with the taste of Belize.

Comes in a 10 ounce (287 gram) squeeze bottle for easy application.  The sauce is tangy and flavourful and a little goes a long way.  Cook in the traditional Belizean style with Belizean Season All.  With only 50 mg of sodium per teaspoon, you don’t have to worry about blowing past your daily intake of salt.