Gran Bouquet Caffe Latte by Andrea Slitti

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Voted the best flavoured chocolate in the world!

Slitti’s Caffé Latte was voted World Champion flavoured chocolate at the World Chocolate competition 

Pure milk chocolate with 45% cocoa is blended with the most aromatic Arabica coffee beans to produce a supremely elegant and irresistible coffee flavoured chocolate.

 It has an intense aroma and a perfectly balanced taste which slowly opens up to a bold and proud coffee flavour with a velvet smooth, creamy chocolate finale. No hint of bitterness here. Simply outstanding!

Who better than the Slitti Chocolate and Coffee Roasting company, Pistoia in Tuscany (the chocolate valley) to make this thrilling coffee flavoured chocolate. They have skilfully combined the two things they excel at!

Slitti Caffé Latte is the ultimate chocolate experience and an absolute must-try product! Also available in a luscious dark chocolate version: Caffé Nero.